The Team Behind Our Mask Manufacturing

Making Your Face Masks: Meet the Team

In order to bring you a regular, guaranteed supply of Type IIR surgical face masks every month, we had to not only source the best materials, but also the best team to deliver that service to you. We are grateful to have an existing team of over 350 people to draw from, all of whom are highly experience in their field. Here, we’d like to introduce some of our key players…

Face Mask Production: Jason Smith

Jason is our Assistant Production Manager on face mask production, working with machine operators and team leaders to keep everything running smoothly.

Mask creation starts in our production cells where we manufacture one of the crucial five materials, PP Meltblown Nonwoven fabric. Meltblown makes up the inner, filter layer of the mask and, previous to these cells, was the only material sourced from a company outside the EU. With these cells, we have now brought Meltblown production in-house seriously increasing our supply chain resilience. Keeping these Meltblown cells running smoothly means that we will always have the resources we need for our mask conversion cells, where we bring everything together to create our Surgical Face masks.

Jason manages both our Meltblown cells and mask conversion cells, so he has clear view of the whole process. This means he can identify and resolve any potential issues early, and ensure that your orders are never affected.

Materials and Supplies: Darren Hurst

Working to ensure we have all the materials we need, at the right quality we need, we have Darren in Procurement.

Darren monitors stock levels in all areas of the business, from production to overhead operations, and makes sure we’re never running low on anything. His work is critical to our ability to price our masks competitively for you because he negotiates with our suppliers to achieve the best price possible.

Darren also works closely with our Quality and Compliance Manager to make sure that the goods we are receiving are up to standard. Together, they assess samples and arrange for testing if needed, enabling us to guarantee high quality product at all times. 

Quality Assurance: Richard Crow

As our Quality & Compliance Manager, Richard’s work is vital to our business because he makes sure we are hitting all the necessary standards on quality, safety, and our ecological footprint.

Type IIR masks must meet the EN14683 European standard, covering factors like a mask’s breathability and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE). Without this certification, masks cannot be used by many professionals. So Richard has worked to ensure every aspect of our production process is compliant – from the materials used, to the clean room specifications that your masks are made in.

Richard also manages the continued quality assessment of our masks. He has helped us implement ISO 13485 procedures for quality assurance on medical devices, and has overseen the creation of a testing laboratory to help us maintain our high standards through regular testing. 

Clean Room Construction: Lewis Rogal

In order to be able to produce our Type IIR masks, we first had to convert our standard warehouse space into specialised, clean room environments. Managing this transformation was Lewis, our Head of Organisational Development.

As a business, we invested £1.8 million into building a state-of-the art face mask production facility. The rooms in which Type IIR masks are produced need to pass a bio-burden test in order for the masks to be certified. So Lewis worked closely with our Quality & Compliance Manager to ensure these production environments are protected from contaminates at all time.

After the construction phase, Lewis continues to manage the maintenance of these rooms, ensuring that everything is functioning as needed to get your orders to you.

Client Services & Sales: Jack Parks & Jasmin Hardy

Finally, we have Jasmin who manages our client services team. Jasmin ensures that our masks are safely delivered to you on time, working closely with the production team to make sure that orders are assigned and processed correctly. Jasmin and her team are also a point of contact for any queries you have surrounding our masks and your orders.

We also have Jack who look after our long-term contracts and clients. If you’re looking for something more tailored to your needs that isn’t offered on the website, Jack will happily give you a quote. In fact, why not get in touch today on 01709 232 101, or request a quote, and Jack will talk you through your options.