• How to Get a Regular Supply of Surgical Face Masks

    Does your business need surgical face masks in order to operate? Have you been struggling to find a UK face mask supplier who can always deliver the goods at a reasonable price? As more and more business re-open, demand for Type IIR face masks is only going to increase.
  • What Kind of Face Masks Are There and Which Do I Need?

    Questions about face masks are becoming the new normal in the world of coronavirus. When are face masks mandatory? Do you need a filter? Are they reusable? All valid questions and hopefully, we can answer some of them here.
  • How Do You Know Your Face Mask is Fit For Purpose?

    Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started to take hold, there have been a lot of stories in the news around PPE and other protective equipment failing to meet the standard that it’s supposed to. So, what are the standards required for a surgical face mask and how do you know if what you’ve bought meets those standards?
  • Inside the Face Mask Factory

    In light of the coronavirus pandemic, demand for surgical face masks has surged. In particular, Type IIR surgical masks are needed by our wonderful NHS and other frontline workers thanks to their high Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and the fact that they are splash-resistant. But how can we make these masks in a way that is efficient enough to meet the sudden demand while maintaining their high standards?
  • The Best Materials for Making a Surgical Face Mask

    When we set out to combat the new demand for surgical face masks, we knew we wanted to use the highest quality materials possible, in order to give our clients an incredibly effective face mask. So, after thorough research on all mask elements – from the filter material to the nose bridge, we are confident that our OBISK Type IIR masks are made using the best materials for a surgical face mask…